Nautitech 542

Speed and comfort are the essential attributes that apply to catamaran sailing. The high sailing performance that results from weight and displacement is supplemented by a considerable gain in living space for the crew, as well as significantly improved stability, smoothness and ease of handling. Travel time is reduced as distance is increased, and you can enjoy your stay on board in the most relaxed and comfortable way.

In view of the higher standards of comfort and safety and the improved quality of life, catamarans are the ideal type of yacht for people who value a relaxed life at sea.

Right from the start BAVARIA has stood for vision and innovation. With the ongoing further development of the CRUISER Line and successful additions to the range (like the VISION Line, the EASY 9.7 and above all the integration of the motorboat portfolio), it now seems to be the logical consequence for BAVARIA to take on and develop the catamaran sector as well. And here we had the support of NAUTITECH, one of the world’s best established catamaran shipyards.

With the integration of the ‘NAUTITECH OPEN‘ concept under BAVARIA CATAMARANS, NAUTITECH’s existing serial production has been supplemented by the qualitative and quantitative virtues of BAVARIA. BAVARIA and NAUTITECH – setting a common course in new sailing waters. Expect to be surprised...

Founded in 1978, BAVARIA can look back on a history of exciting and successful development. Today a BAVARIA vessel combines modern design, shipbuilding tradition, German engineering and craftsmanship, and the possibility of manufacturing yachts with hairline accuracy on the basis of contemporary industrial production techniques. All the processes involved – design, construction, moulding, interior finishing and final assembly – are carried out by BAVARIA’s shipbuilders, designers and engineers.

All the key components of a BAVARIA, like the hull, deck and interior furnishings, are made at our own workshops. Every BAVARIA vessel from bow to stern is thus a successful combination of supreme quality, the best materials, top-quality fixtures and features and professional manufacture, as is possible in the yachtbuilding of today. A yacht that is made for the perfect life at sea – that, and nothing less, is what you get with a BAVARIA.

NAUTITECH was founded in 1994. NAUTITECH’s visionary and source of its ideas was Bruno Voisard, one of the most famous sailors and players in France’s catamaran and chartering sector. In 2002 Bruno Voisard became Managing Director of NAUTITECH and started to set new standards as a basis for today’s shipbuilding and design philosophy. A crucial innovation of NAUTITECH was switching at an early stage to ultra-modern infusion technology, resulting in significantly improved stability and rigidity while at the same time reducing the weight.

With its clear line, the NAUTITECH 54 has real design appeal. At the same time the well thought out structure gives you perfect sailing enjoyment in all weather conditions. The carefully coordinated rig provides the ideal parameters for sailing, whatever course you are on. The best possible basis for the long haul.

In the NAUTITECH 542, the helmsman is always ideally placed, with two steerage stations on either side of the cockpit or on the optional flybridge – so that when navigating, he always has an all-round view.

Optical design hiatuses have been consistently avoided, with a view to maximising the elegance of the ship’s overall appearance.Clear lines define the design of the deck, resulting in harmonious transitions to the saloon superstructure and ending with the Bimini top.

The different cabin variants of NAUTITECH are supplemented by an equally exciting choice of design options for the saloon. Together with the different versions of the companionway, you can also choose from exclusive arrangements of the saloon decor – ranging from club lounge to the stylish drawing room.

Based on your own taste and needs, you can choose between three basis designs with three, four or five cabins. The rest is up to you ...

The sailplan and design of the hull are in perfect harmony on the NAUTITECH 54. Whatever course you are on, the wide cut of the gennaker gives perfect adaptability in response to prevailing conditions. In combination with the foresail, the widely extended mainsail keeps the ship moving even with a light wind. And if a complete calm sets in, the two 75 horsepower engines nonetheless give you a comfortable cruising speed.